Gaia : The Balanced You

We are all comprised of four different elements based on earth, wind, fire and air – the underlying philosophy behind this campaign that ran for months.

Our team worked along side of GaiamTV which is now Gaia to create a digital campaign which drove traffic to a 21 day Yoga challenge on the Gaia portal. This campaign resulted in knowledge about Gaia’s community and the largest return they have had from any campaign they had created at that time.

Once a community member participated in this interactive, social, cross platform quiz they were lead to a site that

described which was the prevailing element in each of them.

This page described these traits with a :30 supporting video, story about each element which they were

compelled to share throughout the social communities they participate.

Our team delivered :10 cut down versions of these video’s to be shared over social along with a social calendar describing

when to share these pieces which drove traffic and engagement.

At Sleeping Giant, we understand that marketing for the sake of marketing is not the reason to create a marketing campaign. Our experience from retail to online marketing helps us to understand how to position our clients to achieve their goals, no matter if they are sales or brand driven.

For this campaign we focused on driving traffic and the experience to a 21 day Yoga challenge…

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