Business Development

Business Development


As markets and industries converge in the new economy and make our world a smaller place, Sleeping Giant is poised to help you develop global strategies, revenue generating opportunities, and relationships with new and established partners.

Our unique, cross industry web of relationships gives you access to the best creative horsepower and strategic alliances under one roof — which means we can deliver results quickly and help one achieve their goals. We pride ourselves in our ability to quickly develop a keen understanding of one’s business, then explaining one’s vision and the ROI, return on investment of one’s products, services to their community. Our team of industry leaders are extremely knowledgeable and connected within the advertising, mobile, online, retail, outsourcing, video games, software, Internet, fashion, telecom, broadcast, cable, manufacturing, and satellite industries. For years our team was responsible for representing Spyder Active Sports, Oberon Media and many others in Japan. For Oberon Media, we ran the game centers for MSN Japan, Yahoo! Japan and all of the major ISP’s in Japan.

At SG, we ask candid questions and we really listen to the answers. This is one of the ways we tie your objectives to real strategies, anticipate the unexpected while putting the seemingly impossible within reach.

Our Core Strengths Include:

• Creating Strategic Alliance • Doing Business in the USA and Japan • Global Business Development, Sales • Channel Development • Sales and Sales Engineering training

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