How do we do what we do?

The world of marketing, content, and entertainment are constantly evolving. 21st-century marketing attaches your product to your consumer’s lifestyle in a unique and compelling way. Few products actually achieve this, but the ones that do proliferate quickly, gain market share, and build customer loyalty.  

Phase 1

The Creative Brief

At Sleeping Giant, it all begins with the creative brief. We ask questions and listen to your answers to identify purpose and define goals, no matter what the means––campaign, website, mobile App, game, a video, or a series of videos. It is essential to begin with understanding your goals before we can design solutions that will achieve them.

  • Brand Strategy 100%
  • Internet Marketing 100%
  • App Development 100%
  • Customer Happiness 100%
 Phase 2

Find The Story

Stories must be both authentic and genuine to resonate with your community and its influencers. We help companies find, embrace and tell their stories in ways that both matter and move their audiences. Stories with real impact are hard to come by, which is why we help companies embrace and tell their stories in ways that resonate with their communities and the influencers that drive them.


Phase 4

Execute & Share

It isn’t enough to simply tell a great story. Executing the best storytelling strategy to proliferate this content is key to our final step. Creating a content calendar or map ensures shared success. It is during this phase that SG will help you deliver the results that drive markets and accomplish your goals.

Phase 3

Design & Build

Once we find the story, we design the most effective way to tell it.  No matter if your business is selling to an enterprise client or creating a consumer community, mind-blowing User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI) design lead the creative process at Sleeping Giant. Our execution teams take it from this point and work together with our creatives to execute on the creative brief’s vision in a focused, yet agile approach. There’s no better way to connect with your customers.

Phase 5


21st-century marketing is iterative and adaptive, adjusting and refining as we learn from customer feedback and changing conditions. It’s a process. Ask and listen to your stakeholders, communities, influencers and learn from everyone who uses your products or shares information and insight about your brand.

MapQuest : Bringing Data to Life

mq MapQuest came to us to help them just before CES, the Consumer Electronic Show in 2014 to develop something that would explain their latest products in a creative and artistic way. Needless to say that everyone loved the work.

GaiamTV : The Balanced You


GaiamTV, who recently rebranded under the Gaia brand came to us to help develop an end of year campaign to drive their busiest season. Our team worked along side of Gaia to create a digital campaign which drove traffic to a 21 day Yoga challenge on the Gaia portal. This campaign resulted in knowledge about Gaia’s community and the largest return they have had from any campaign they had created at that time.

MapQuest : Key to the City

ktc Working with MapQuest, our team re-designed the Key to the City, a production produced in partnership with the MLB website and experience.

Sleeping Giant’s proficiencies include:

 • Brand Therapy • Market, Competitive Research • B-to-B and/or B-to-C positioning / communications • UX and UI Design • Design Driven Revenue • Social / Broadcast Content • Software Development: Games, Mobile App’s & Online Development • Interactive Design & Motion Graphics, animation • Live Action • Integrated Online digital mobile and traditional brand experience • Business Planning Strategy – Your Creative Journey • Copywriting • Social Media Marketing • Media Strategy