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The Key to Success in Business : Fast trumps certainty | Fortune by David Slayden SG ECD JANUARY 23, 2016

You should always trust your gut. Your gut decisions come from a combination of accumulated hard knowledge and intuition.

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Launching a Startup | Fortune by David Slayden SG ECD, MARCH 6, 2016

A startup’s journey from initial idea to successful execution is more often than not a long and circuitous path.

SafetyWeb Acquires iHound And myID, Pushes People-Centric Security Solution | TechCrunch
Stop, Thief! | Newsweek

A lost or stolen cell phone may not be a lost cause. Here are some tips for retrieving your device. By Kate Dailey | Newsweek Web Exclusive. 

Find a lost or stolen iPhone with iHound | CNET

Thanks to iOS 4, this iPhone-tracking app can now run in the background. That means you’ll have a much easier time recovering a lost or stolen device.

New Apps for your Mobile Phone | Read Write Web, RWW

There are now some 250,000 mobile applications for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, and over 70,000 for Android. How on earth do you find ones that are actually worth using?

On the Trail of the MIssing Gadget | NY Times

Apps to use in Europe | LA Times

iHound GPS Tracker for iPhone — TiPb @ 

Distributor Agreement with Spyder Active Sports

Michael Moto, LLC and Michael Moto Japan Co., Ltd. announce an exclusive distributor agreement with Spyder Active Sports, Inc.