Together we will uncover your brands true potential.

Join Sleeping Giant on a journey where together we uncover your brands' story, and the true ethos of your brand, by digging deep into the “why”. This supportive collaboration positions us to ask the hard questions, and have the difficult conversations many avoid. 

These therapy sessions are skillfully facilitated, and while the process is not always easy, it works. The end result is a strategy that positions your brand deeply within the minds, hearts, and souls of your community. We work with our clients to analyze the compiled research and complete a series of models, including your Brand Pillars - which is a unique, collaborative experience that defines what your brand is truly about. 

During our immersive and interactive Brand Therapy workshops, personalized findings are presented and models are constructed. Through Lifestyle-Driven Persona Modeling and Limbic Resonance Modeling, we define, analyze, and codify the behaviors and interactions of your community. In the past, we've created new packaging, brands, campaigns, POP, web/mobile experiences, videos, animations, and experiential events that align your community, while helping to realize your goals. The outcome of our journey is a strategic, story-driven execution plan, which clearly defines your objectives and how we can achieve them.

Sleeping Giants diverse background, in partnership with you and your team, gives us the expertise to create the best content to give your brand the voice it deserves.

Our Street Team

Our Street Team is comprised of 100+ diverse members spanning across generations, cultures, careers, education, and geography. If a brand wants to understand what construction workers, teachers and lawyers think about their products. Sleeping Giant designs an Experiential Focus Group for that. Our Street Team members earn product and other goodies from the brands we work with while sharing honest insights and answering our questions.

Join Our Street Team!


 Join Our Street Team