Sleeping Giant awakens consumers and heightens their senses by utilizing creative environments and culinary arts. Our method proves that creative environments and culinary presentations inspire more dynamic insights from our participants. Over the course of 2-4 hours, we ask each of our guests to be constructive and honest. Brands and products are elevated through PRODUCT-ive, qualitative research.

We combine diverse groups from our Street Team, and members from your own brands' community revealing insights about your products, brand, and strategy. Our Street Team is a diverse group of 100+ members spanning generations, cultures, careers, and education. Ultimately, we use every ounce of data to help us understand your company's true ethos.

Each event is curated specifically for your brand and often includes dinner in a creative dining venue featuring a custom food and beverage menu. Our venues take pride in their service and are selected based on their location, exemplary culinary art skills, décor, and amenities.

Our clients learn a lot from these events, including:

  • Brand, product awareness, and recognition
  • How a brand is perceived
  • Product launch groups  
  • How to solve persistent problems
  • Product ideas
  • Prototype ideas
  • Product reviews
  • Feature suggestions
  • Change of attitude over time
  • Product surveys
  • Packaging improvements
  • Brand / product perception
  • Top secret stuff
  • Social media followers
  • Pricing strategies
  • Product cognition
  • User-generated content
  • Event ideas
  • Product usage
  • Product sales
  • Purchase consideration
  • Opinions about in-store displays and signage
  • What’s important to customers, community members
  • Brand ambassadors

Sleeping Giant provides the platform to gather, analyze, and leverage the data needed to grow your community.

Join our Street Team

Our Street Team is comprised of 100+ members spanning across generation, culture, career, education, and location. If a brand wants to understand what construction workers, teachers to lawyers think about their products and/or brand, Sleeping Giant provides the platform for them to do just that at our Experiential Focus Group Experiences. Members earn product and other goodies from the brands we work with while sharing their truths and answering our questions.

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