Things were looking all downward dog until we got involved. 

Inside Gaia's Most Successful Campaign

The Balanced You

Inside Gaia's Most Successful Campaign

The Business Problem
How might they utilize social media to increase participation in a 21-day online yoga challenge? 
The Business Problem

How do we drive traffic to a 21 day Yoga Challenge from their social media channels? When users participate in 10 days of yoga, they create a new habit and are more likely to continue doing yoga over time.

Our Solution

Our team went to work and built an online experience which encouraged community engagement. We crafted a backstory that was based on elements that we all have within us. Then we designed and built an online quiz that drove traffic from social media to be sorted into those elements. Each user was able to learn more about their prevailing element, and was invited into the 21-day Yoga Challenge. Our team also created their Social Media calendar and assets for this social campaign.

The Results: Gaia's Most Successful Campaign

This campaign provided the best ROI of any other marketing endeavor for the company to date. Gaia uncovered valuable insights about their users - both new and established subscribers. Prior to this campaign, they had no other way of gathering this kind of consumer data.


Social Media Campaigns #thebalancedyou

Social Media Campaigns #balancedyou





Online, Social Quiz, & Design Imagery: The Balanced You

The Balanced You Online, Social Quiz, and Imagery



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